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The PKF hospitality group is an internationally recognised market leader in the field of hospitality. We cover four main sectors: hotel (including city hotels, resort hotels, hostels and alternative accommodation), (serviced) living, tourism & leisure.

With a track record dating back as far as 1869, PKF is the pioneer in hospitality consulting. The introduction of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) in 1927, spearheaded by PKF's founder William J Forster, marks the beginning of the firm's dedicated hospitality advisory activities.

Today, a fully integrated global team of over 100 consultants in 21 offices in 15 countries: Argentina (Buenos Aires), Austria (Vienna), China (Hong Kong, Shanghai), Croatia (Zagreb), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin, Munich), Italy (Milan, Rome), South Africa (Cape Town), Spain (Madrid), Switzerland (Zurich), Turkey (Istanbul), Ukraine (Kyiv), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), United Kingdom (London) and USA (Austin, Los Angeles, Miami, New York) provides seamless international hospitality services.


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Michael Widmann

"Hospitality is the petri dish of humanity – to succeed, we must cooperate cross-border."


Christian N. Walter

"The world needs more awesome hotels. Happy to help."


Channing Henry

"Hospitality is always there when we need it. It’s a constant that continually evolves with creativity and increased efficiencies."


Adam Maclennan

"Helping clients to profitably develop and invest in businesses around the world which provide guests with enriching and sustainable hospitality experiences is a tremendous privilege and a lot of fun!"


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Moxy Bergen


Moxy Bergen

Tenuta Artimino


Tenuta Artimino 





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Sustainability Solutions at PKF hospitality

Consulting for the triple bottom line

Since 1927, when the first edition of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry was published to assist hotel investors in their financial decision making, PKF has been helping clients get to grips with the trends, innovations and the challenges of owning and operating hospitality real estate. In 2024, to be successful, investors must look beyond purely financial considerations (revenues, expenses, profit), and focus also on the sustainability of their project or property, and the risk. Sustainability materially impacts the success of our industry.

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Key takeaways from hotel markets around the globe: indochina

PKF hospitality recently hosted 196+ roundtable live event in the following region: indochina.

The discussions were held in a format of an online meeting, focused on the hospitality, tourism & leisure and serviced living sectors in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam.

We are happy to provide some interesting statistics for the region and share some discussion highlights.

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