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Latest News • 2023-11-30

Update from the Future! Join now to be part of the next phase

We are coming to the end of another year of Future of Hospitality Institute's the Future Living research project which this year has seen the partner group meet in Barcelona in February and Copenhagen in September alongside two interactive online sessions.

We have focussed on innovative design, technology, and the user experience, and have seen the Digital Solutions Squad born out of the project, an initiative between partner companies IMS and Häfele to reimagine the digital guest journey.

A highlight of our building tours, which we always include in each city visit, was the contrast between two projects designed by BIG|Bjarke Ingels Group in Copenhagen; Copenhill, a power plant with dry ski slope and café on the roof and hiking route and climbing wall on the outside, and the micro apartments of Urban Rigger, which has uniquely created a living community using shipping containers on 6 pods floating in the harbour.

We have also carried out our own bespoke research across 3000 respondents in London, Barcelona and Vienna to understand user behaviours and are now analysing the results which are being fed back into the partner group. Next stop in this phase is London in February and finally to Vienna in June.

We have also recently announced that we will move on to Future Living phase two in summer 2024, if you are interested in participating, please reach out to us to arrange a meeting with the Future Living team.

Paul Rands
T +44 207 516 2288

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