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Data Analytics

The hospitality sector is undergoing a rapid transformation in light of recent global events. With rising uncertainty across international markets, the emergence of niche products and opportunities for development foreseen in previously unexplored segments, the need for accurate insights and in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry is now more critical than ever.

PKF hospitality group understands the growing urgency for reliable and accurate data insights to direct strategic growth, prudent investments and support all stages of development and management of hospitality assets. To this end, we offer supply analytics from our extensive in-house global hospitality database covering over 80,000 hotels across international markets. In addition, our in-house research team also supplies analyses and insights for our 196+ roundtables – a series of events across all continents, aiming to gather key hospitality decision-makers, experts and opinion leaders – to share insights and ideas on the evolving market.

We can support you with:

  • current supply overviews on continental, regional, national and city levels
  • foreseen developments across global markets
  • branding and chain affiliation
  • contract information (lease, management, franchise and licensing agreements)
  • ownership information for select markets
  • overviews of specialised market segments (e.g. budget hotels, hostels, extended stay, student accommodation)

Your benefits:

  • access to supply inputs and analytics from the PKF hotel database
  • up to date information on hotel developments across global markets
  • brand and group development insights in international markets
  • overview of contract agreement for European and (select) African markets
  • ownership information for select markets
  • customised market reports on a project basis