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196+ forum Vienna

Save the Date: 24 – 26 November 2024

The 196+ forum Vienna is an annual leading hospitality conference for hospitality investment & innovation. Together with the Vienna Tourist Board and Museum Booster we create an international platform that builds bridges and connected experts from various sectors, bringing tourism, culture and hospitality closer together.

During our three days event we provide endless networking opportunities, panel discussions and cross-industry learnings with the main question being: What can we learn from each other and how can we cooperate?

196+ forum Vienna

This was 196+ forum Vienna 2023

With last year’s focus being on Sustainability and its three pillars Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) we aimed to create a dynamic event that facilitated cross-industry collaboration, fostered the exchange of innovative ideas and brought together experts from various fields to drive meaningful impact. We wanted industries to exchange best-practice examples through workshops and have our guests leave with tangible benefits.

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Highlight: The Hotel Innovation Award 2023

Just like innovations continuously change so does the focus of our 196+ forum Vienna and the criteria for winning the Hotel Innovation Award. While last year revolved around “Human Resources”, this year was all about “Sustainability”. Hotels or hotel groups were able to submit their innovative ESG concept and together with our jury we were able to look at over 18 submissions.

Out of all applicants, an independent jury nominated up to twelve hotels and shortlisted three finalists, which were presented at the 196+ forum Vienna. The award ceremony and the announcement of the winner took place at the Festive Dinner at the Weltmuseum Wien.

Winner of the Hotel Innovation Award 2022: Seminaris Hotels

Winner of the Hotel Innovation Award 2023: Kulturhotellet Højhuset

Hotel Innovation Award